Top 10 Most Active Stock Options June 2021

I use different tools to evaluate potential options trades, one of the tools I’m using to get an overall idea of what's hot in the stock options market is Barchart's Most Active Stock Options

Here is the list with the most traded stock options on June 10, 2021

The BIG 5 is as follows, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Clover Health Investments, Cleveland-Cliffs, Apple, and Invesco Mortgage Capital.

Most of the names, except Apple, might be unfamiliar to the regular stock investors.

And I would say - stay away from these names unless you are very confident about what you are doing.

On the other hand, traders of all verticals will find something here.

The cheapest way to enter 1 covered call in June with the top 10 most active stock is with IVR stock, you could buy 100 shares per $416 and sell a weekly covered call option with a strike price of $5 on it for $0.29 or about 6.92% potential return in a week

Or you could spend $12,713 to buy 100 shares of Apple and also sell a weekly option on it for about $1.35 or about 1.06% potential return in a week.

The chance that Apple will be in business after a week most probably is much larger than IVR will be there (though I’m not saying that IVR will disappear in a week)

Personally, I’ve been involved with most of the stocks from the list (except IVR, WISH, WKHS, and BB) and currently I’m trading options with AAPL and TLRY.