Simple Google Spreadsheet To Track Call and Put Options

For tracking my options trades, I have built (customized) a simple yet powerful Google Spreadsheet.

Here is what the spreadsheet does:

  • The spreadsheet will automatically check and store stock prices using Google Finance.

  • The spreadsheet can track both calls and puts,

  • The spreadsheet will calculate days to expiration (DTE), the break-even price 

  • and more

You should manually enter Open Date, stock symbol, expiration date, call or put, bought or sold (B/S), strike price, premium, fees, the spreadsheet will do the rest.

I’m not the original author of this spreadsheet, I’ve downloaded it some years ago/ modified it and unfortunately, I don’t remember the original author or source.

If you are or you know who is the original author, please drop a comment and I will attribute

Download Spreadsheet here (File -> Make a copy)