September 2021 Options Trading Income Report $948

The last September, we did a total of 55 trades / from which most were credit spreads, a few covered calls, and a butterfly. Last month I added some spice to our trading by selling options on SPY ETF

Also, we did a few roll forwards, as some of our options got into the money and we decided not to take full assignment (did a partial rolling)

In total, we managed to take $948 from options income during the month of September, which is slightly under what we excepted ($1,000)

Last September we were trading: EWZ, FXI, SDC, PFE, ARCC, GOLD, ACB, WMB, WBA, FCEL, SESN, CLNE, JETS, MRO, KO, ICLN, CLOV, CAH, VIAC, SPY (in bold - covered calls)

Last month we introduced many new ETF’s to our trading list, EWZ, FZI, JETS, ICLN, and SPY. This is the thing I see selling more in the future. As they say - and individual stock can go to zero, but not an ETF

Dividend income

Our dividend income portfolio’s value now is $3,658 (+$1,496), and it generates about $13.55 (+$6.19) in monthly dividend income. The current annual yield is about 4.45%

Here are all of our holdings (as of September 30, 2021)

Trading plan for October 2021 (Option trades & Stock Buys)

This month we are going to reinvest 50% from the options income in the 5 following stocks - PFE, AWP, INTC, ARCC, and WBA. We will keep investing in these stocks once will reach at least 100 shares for each of the tickers.

Once there will be at least 100 shares we will start selling covered calls to generate additional income.

From covered calls/credit spreads - we are looking to take ~ $600 during the month of October.


At the end of September, we had

  • 61 email subscribers (+22) for Covered Calls with Reinis Fischer newsletter

  • 3 paying subscribers (for as low as $7/mo subscribers get access to extra content 1-2 per week)

  • 45 subscribers (+8) for the YouTube channel