Covered Calls for beginners/alert service

A couple of days ago Sam wrote to my blog and asked can I help him with covered calls?

As covered calls to me seem straightforward buy/write transactions I wondered and asked what help does he looks for?

Sam replied he is looking for some of the best stocks to write covered calls on

Alright, I thought - and shout back:

try with some "safe" dividend stocks. 

Stocks from the Dow Jones 30 list might be a good starting point.

then Sam asked, do I have some service I provide help with covered calls?

hmm, I thought - kind of yes, I write about covered calls in my blog, I’ve some Facebook page, but do I have a service? No, actually I didn’t have a service at that moment. Just to clarify, I asked back:

what do you mean? Some courses?

Like there are plenty of courses and coaches on YouTube who will gladly sell their service to you, to teach you how to trade options, including covered calls.

No, this was not what Sam was looking for:

Do you have a newsletter or an alert service for covered calls, cash secured puts, or stocks?

And then I realized, alright, I do love talking about my stock trades, I write about them in my blog, I share them on Facebook, why not make a service out of it - a newsletter?

As I was already familiar with the Substack platform, this was a no brainer to me, I quickly bought a domain name om GoDaddy - (.com was taken) - paid $50 Substack for setting up my custom domain name (to look it more professional) and here you go - an alert service for covered calls is launched.

From now on, I will share here exclusively all my covered call trades, do some research on stock picking, and more. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter not to miss an important update.