Closed PFE earnings trade and SPY Bearish Butterfly both with a loss

On November 02, 2021, I closed the PFE earnings trade with a small loss of about $12, also closed Spy Bearish Butterfly with a $200 loss.

Here are trades for Pfizer:

  • SLD 1 PFE NOV 05 '21 43.5 Put Option 0.10 USD

  • SLD 1 PFE NOV 05 '21 43.5 Call Option 2.00 USD

My total loss is about $12 after closing this trade, which seems fair. If I would wait a bit more I could actually turn this trade into a profit, as my break-even price was $45.63.

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Anyhow, still happy closing almost positive.

Here are trades for SPY

  • BOT 2 SPY NOV 19 '21 410 Put Option 0.30 USD

  • SLD 1 SPY NOV 19 '21 430 Put Option 0.68 USD

  • SLD 1 SPY NOV 19 '21 390 Put Option 0.17 USD

My total loss after commissions was $200 (which is the max risk when I opened the trade)

I still had some two weeks to expiry, but to let this trade be profitable SPY would need to drop to $430 levels.

I guess I will skip trading SPY and earning trades for a while now.

As a penalty, I bought 8 WMB shares in the value of my total loss