Can You Make Money with Covered Calls?

The short answer - Yes. The longer answer - it depends!

I’ve been trading options for more than two years, I’m a pretty seasoned trader, but I wouldn’t yet call myself a PRO.

During my short options trader career, seems I have tried it all - selling 0DTE SPX, iron condors straddles, strangles, credit spreads, naked put, and covered call options.

Of all the names above - covered calls and credit spreads are my favorite.

I prefer entering a trade with a credit spread, and if assigned start selling a covered call, meantime from the collected premiums I try to invest in dividend-paying stocks.

Yes, covered calls can make you money, but you should look for stable and predictable companies, as the biggest risk with covered call investing - the stock is plummeting to zero and never recovers.

To avoid such scenario, traders should invest only in stable stocks, for a good starting point I would recomend stocks from the Dow Jones Insustrial list, dividensd aristocrat or dividend king stocks.

The more stable the stock, the less premium. Those looking to spice up, could look on more volatile stocks, liek biopharma, pot or tech stock. But more the premium, more the risk, including the risk of stock going to 0.

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